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Big League Sports Academy’s fitness team is comprised of former college-level and professional athletes and certified trainers that are ready to take you to the next level of fitness, wellness, and conditioning. 

Our kinesiology experts and certified trainers know how to get results for you and can help you achieve your personal best at every workout.

Big League Sports Academy workout areas feature equipment from leading fitness manufacturers including ProMaxima, Nautilus, Gold's Gym, Century, and more. Our fitness and workout areas feature sports flooring and impact resistant flooring to cushion the body while you workout.

Sports Specific Coaching and Training

Big League Sports Academy has partnered with some of the best coaches in the region for sports specific training. Increase your strength, endurance, and speed with our intensive sports conditioning classes.  

Acceleration and Deceleration Training

The faster you can speed up, slow down, or change direction and re-accelerate to your top speed will offer a great advantage. Yet, deceleration—the ability to slow down and control force production—is often ignored during training, which usually focuses primarily on acceleration and top speed. In fact, many athletes only work on the first of the three ways we move:

  • Concentrically - to create acceleration and force production
  • Isometrically - to stabilize or balance
  • Eccentrically - to decelerate and decrease force production

Improving your deceleration technique is critical for most sports since players rarely run in a straight line. With many athletes suffering from MCL and LCL injuries—due to poor deceleration skills, we at Big League Sports Academy believe this technique must be taught to keep every athlete healthy and strong.


Any sport that requires an athlete to move quickly can place an enormous strain on tendons and requires a huge amount of power from their muscles. Plyometric training consists of quick, explosive movements designed to increase speed and power. This can be achieved through performing multiple exercises that focus on training our bodies and brains to activate more muscle fibers, more quickly, in order to increase the efficiency and speed of our muscle contractions. Doing so will ultimately increase your power.

Ninja Speed & Agility Training

Speed and agility training workouts improve your acceleration, deceleration, reaction time and coordination. It is also important for improving foot speed, quickness, speed changes, and directional change. Each of these skills enhances athletic performance.


Our group fitness classes offer a wide variety for all ages and fitness levels.

SportsFit - Sports conditioning workout to build strength, endurance, and speed. Each session our coaches cover different areas for the athlete, so come often so you can get the maximum benefit. We cover plyometrics, speed and agility drills, footwork, and flexibility training to get you to peak performance levels in your sport. Our sports conditioning classes are very popular with our athletes - come try a complimentary workout and discover why!

FitBox - This is a fitness kickboxing workout that burns 500+ calories - a great full body workout! You don’t need any previous martial arts training or boxing training for this workout. And you don’t need to ‘be in shape’ in order to participate! You may use our gloves for your introductory class. Once enrolled, you will need to purchase your own gloves from our pro-shop (cost $22 - $80 a pair). This is a complete body workout and includes amazing strength and cardio benefits.  

Iron Mat - The perfect combination of strength, flexibility, and endurance for any athlete. Our Iron Mat is a blending of Pilates mat work, free weights for strengthening the body’s core, arms, legs, and hips/butt. During the class we use other fitness gear to help develop longer, leaner muscles that will respond faster, offer greater range of motion, and reduce the risk of injury. 

CoreKids - (Coming soon!) Sports conditioning especially designed for elementary and middle school age groups. Each session includes flexibility training, age-appropriate plyometrics, speed and agility, and footwork drills to get your child to their peak performance levels while developing their balance, coordination, and agility at an early age.


Personal Training & Conditioning For All Ages & Levels 

Our personal trainers will help you maximize your workouts and reach your fitness goals in a safe and efficient manner. Our trainers are certified professionals with years of experience. So whether you are a high school athlete or a parent who is looking for the right health and fitness workout that gets results, Big League Sports Academy can deliver what you are looking for - come visit us soon!

We are happy to schedule a complimentary personal training session to see if we are the right fit for you. Should you decide to workout with a trainer at Big League Sports Academy, you have several training options from which to choose: group sessions, semi-private sessions, and personal training in one-on-one format. You can schedule private training at your convenience, but we ask that you purchase 5-sessions in advance following your initial free consultation/workout session with your trainer/coach. If you need to miss a session, we ask that you give your trainer 24-hour notice in advance, so that your session can be rescheduled.

Personal Training Fees can be found here.