FAQs for Fencing

What age do children begin the sport of fencing?  Children as young as seven years of age may begin fencing lessons in our Young Blade class.

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How can I get started in the sport of fencing?  Without previous experience, you don’t know enough to make a decision as to whether or not fencing is for you. So you need to try. Our process therefore begins with a 'Learn to Fence Session (LTF) with Coach Tom Knowles for anyone age 10 - up interested in knowing the answer to that question.  This engaging and informative lesson (complete with handouts) will introduce the three weapon styles of modern, competitive fencing, present important concepts necessary for good fencing, and begin to instruct you in the ways of moving like a fencer. You will get to touch and handle a variety of fencing equipment, ask many questions (and receive lots of answers!), and, by the end of the session, have a chance to put it all together in an actual competitive fencing bout!

What happens after the LTF Session is completed?

Students age 10 - up who complete the Learn to Fence session will have had a great introduction to the sport and are able to make a decision as to whether or not they’d like to explore fencing further. If the answer is yes!, the next step is to join our regular weekly beginners fencing class and continue developing the skills introduced during the LTF session.  Generally after about 4 more lessons, new fencers will then be ready to move into the group classes divided by age: Youth Fencing (ages 10 - 12.5) and Teen/Adult Fencing (ages 13 - up) and start gaining experience - usually with an eye toward competition.

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Is Fencing recreational or competition oriented?  Fencing can be both recreational fun and intensely competitive - the decision is up to you as to where your training leads.  We have both kinds of fencers at Big League Sports Academy.  'Recreational fencers' come to weekly classes and attend open fencing times to fence with others for the fun of it and to enjoy the camaraderie.  'Competitive fencers' train by attending classes frequently and regularly, have private coaching sessions, and look for opportunities to enter tournaments - held often at local, regional, state, and national levels. Either way, its up to the individual fencer to decide at which level they wish to train - we can provide the guidance, knowledge, and encouragement to achieve any goals.

What is Open Fencing and who attends?

Several times a week we offer ‘open fencing' times to allow our recreational and competitive fencers the opportunity to fence for the enjoyment of fencing and for gaining experience.  

What about getting my own fencing equipment? 

We provide the necessary equipment for our Learn to Fence session with Coach Knowles and during your time in the beginners fencing course.  However, when you decide that you want to continue with fencing, you will want to purchase your own equipment.  Fencing gear is unique for each individual and cannot be purchased locally, so Coach Knowles will gladly assist you in ordering your gear from our Pro-Shop at Big League Sports Academy.  

Can you tell me more about competitive fencing, can I do it if I play other sports too? 


Many of the fencers who get into the sport eventually want to compete and become the best fencer they can. We encourage fencers to develop these attitudes while remaining patient about their progress and humble regarding any achievements along the way.  Competition Youth Fencers are age 10 - 12.  Age 13 - adults have their own competitive levels based upon age and experience levels.  To become seriously competitive in the sport of Fencing demands a serious commitment to training.  However, we do have many students who are able to meet the demands of competitive fencing while playing another sport - it depends upon the individual student.

What if I already have fencing experience?  We would love to meet you! We invite you to visit Big League Sports Academy and discover all that we have to offer.  Learn about our sports conditioning programs, lessons for intermediate and advanced students, memberships & discounts, open fencing, and more.

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