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BLSA Head Coach Courtney Mitchell

Baseball & Softball Training 

Overseen by Head Baseball & Softball Trainer Courtney Mitchell (former pitcher with the Philadelphia Phillies organziation), our baseball and softball training programs consist of high-quality private or semi=private lessons focused on achieving YOUR specific goals.

Our  Baseball & Softball Training Philosophy

Big League Sports Academy is an outstanding baseball/softball training facility for athletes of all ages and skill levels. We offer an exciting and nurturing atmosphere for successful player development. 

Equally important is the fact that our Big League Sports Academy baseball/softball staff members have a deep desire to help our players develop into the very best version of themselves and to be ready to take on the really big ‘game’ of life itself. We provide the very best in trainers, equipment, and environment to help bring the very best out of our staff and our players. 

Big League Sports Academy Mission

Big League Sports Academy provides a positive and professional place for the serious athlete to strive toward big dreams, develop big goals, and enhance their talent and skill through the very best professional instruction.

How We Succeed in our Mission

Big League Sports Academy Instructors have college and/or professional experience in their particular sport. This allows us to have a method to our training that is consistent across our training staff, follows recommended guidelines, and focuses on strong technique for the health, safety and longevity of the player. We also incorporate training for the athlete’s mind - a confident player will be a successful player. BLSA trains for the complete package and we get the results.

At Big League Sports Academy, we prepare each athlete with top quality physical and mental training. We look at each player with a long term plan of action to help them to become the very best player and person they can be. Big League Sports Academy is an exciting place for athletes to take their skills to the next level. BLSA is very proud of the reputation our staff has for launching young talent onto the college and professional levels of sports.


Rentable cages at BLSA


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Rent one of our full-size or half-size cages for hitting or pitching. Included with the rentals are tees, L-stands, and a soft-toss machine if desired.


Coach Mitchell giving private lesson!


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Packages provide the most value since lessons may be arranged in a series of appointments to help players achieve their goals in the most effective and efficient way under the guidance of Coach Courtney Mitchell.

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Want to hit every day? Save money by purchasing a Daily Hit membership with Big League! Get in that extra practice in order to support your team practices and games! Schedule your sessions yourself using our new online system!